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For buyers

1. Basic concepts

1.1. The Rules means rules for using the Eventon system.

1.2. The Event means an event organised by the organiser: a conference, a concert, a seminar, a sports competition or any other event to which a Ticket is required.

1.3. The Eventon platform or system means an event and ticket management platform (system) copyrighted by Eventon, which is available at

1.4. The Ticket means a document generated by the Eventon system, which gives the right to enter a specific Event organised by the Organiser, in which a name of the Event is indicated, the place and date of the Event, QR code, other information provided by the Organiser.

1.5. The Organiser means a legal or natural person who has created an event on the Eventon platform and sells or distributes the Tickets. The data of the organiser is provided with the Event information.

1.6. Eventon means Eventon, UAB, legal entity code: 305436588, address of registered office – Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 68-18, Kaunas, which created, maintains and develops the Eventon platform and owns all the intellectual property rights of this platform.

1.7. The Buyer means a legal or natural person who purchases/has purchased the Ticket through the Eventon platform to an Event organised by the Organiser.

2. General provisions

2.1. These Rules become valid when a person purchases the Ticket on the Eventon system. By using the Eventon platform, the person acknowledges that he / she is familiar with these Rules, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

2.2. These Rules determine the terms and conditions of using the Eventon platform for receiving information about the Events, purchasing the Tickets, providing information to the Organisers, and other terms and conditions for using the platform.

2.3. Eventon reserves the right to change these Rules at any time and such changes will take effect upon their publication on the website It is recommended that persons using the Eventon platform would always get introduced to the latest version of these Rules.

3. Using the Eventon platform

3.1. Eventon is an event and ticket management platform and sales system which allows the Organisers to publish information about the Events, the Organisers, and for the Buyers provides the opportunity to purchase the Ticket from the Organiser.

3.2. Eventon does not organise, does not provide the Ticket distribution / sales services to the Buyers, does not provide information about the Events, but it provides the Eventon system for the exchange of information between the Organiser and the Buyer, Ticket distribution and the possibility for the Buyer to purchase the Ticket. The Tickets are distributed / sold to the Buyers and the information is provided directly by the Organiser.

3.3. The data of the Event Organiser is indicated next to each specific Event.

3.4. The Tickets may be purchased by persons who are familiarised and agree to comply with the requirements of these Rules and who have the right and opportunities to conclude such transactions, i. e. the persons whose capacity in this field is not restricted, who have the technical capacity to pay for the ticket, obtain an electronic ticket and meet the special criteria set by the Organiser, if such apply to the relevant Event.

3.5. For the Buyer, it does not need to register on the Eventon system to purchase the Ticket to the Event. The Buyer simply selects the desired Event, selects the purchase function, enters the desired number of tickets, provides his/her valid e-mail address, other information requested by the Organiser about the Buyer, he / she provides requested by the Eventon system confirmations, consents and permission to transfer his / her data to the Organiser.

3.6. The Buyer can pay for the Ticket using the electronic payment methods integrated in the Eventon platform. 

3.7. It must be paid for the Ticket within 10 minutes from the time when the order is placed. By late payment of the Ticket, the Buyer assumes the risk that the Ticket will not be purchased and delivered. The Buyer will have to contact the Organiser directly for a refund;

3.8. The Tickets are issued to the Buyer only after payment of the full Ticket price. During the purchase of the Ticket, after the Buyer has duly paid for the Ticket, the generated electronic Ticket is sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address. The Buyer is responsible for providing an accurate and valid email address. If the Buyer provides an inaccurate or invalid e-mail address, he / she assumes responsibility that the Tickets may not be sent to him / her. In this case, the Buyer must contact the Organiser directly regarding the receipt of the Ticket or the refund of the money paid for the Ticket.

3.9. In order to enter the Event, the Buyer submits the printed Ticket to the Organiser or shows it on the screen of the mobile device.

3.10. In order to receive an invoice for the Tickets, the Buyer may choose to do so during the process of purchasing of the Tickets. The Organiser issues the Invoice for Tickets.

4. Rights and Obligations of the Buyer

4.1. The Buyer must:

4.1.1. pay properly and on time for the purchased Ticket;

4.1.2. provide accurate, complete and correct data;

4.1.3. not violate and comply with these Rules, other publicly announced terms and conditions and regulations of Eventon and the Organisers, legal instructions of Eventon and the requirements of the applicable legislation;

4.1.4. pay for the tickets within 10 minutes from the time of placing the order;

4.1.5. before purchasing the Tickets to evaluate all the circumstances of the Event to which the Tickets are purchased, including the date, time, place and other conditions of the Event, as well as familiarise with all relevant Ticket acquisition and Event information, inquire about the data of the Event Organiser, etc. For additional information, the Buyer should contact the Organiser.

4.2. The Buyer is prohibited from:

4.2.1. falsifying the Tickets, copying them, as well as using the Tickets or acquiring them illegally;

4.2.2. selling the Tickets generated by the Eventon system without the permission of Eventon and the Organiser;

4.2.3. using any devices, programs or software which may interfere with the proper operation of the Eventon platform; 

4.2.4. taking any actions which would place an irrational or excessive load on the Eventon platform.

4.3. The law enforcement authorities will be informed about the illegal activities of the Buyer.

4.4. By using the Eventon system, the Buyer assumes full responsibility for the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the provided data and assumes all possible consequences for non-compliance with such requirements.

4.5. Before going to the Event, it is recommended to find out whether the time, place and other important conditions of the Event have not been changed.

4.6. The Buyers use the website at their own risk. Eventon does not guarantee and is not responsible for the fact that the Buyers will not experience any technical disruptions, inconveniences, or problems when using the website.

5. Circumstances related to the Event

5.1. The Organiser is responsible for the quality of the Event services, its occurrence, cancellation, change, accurate information about the Event, change of its conditions. The Buyer must contact the Organiser directly for any circumstances related to the Event and the Tickets.

5.2. The conditions of the Event are determined by the Organiser. For this reason, the terms and conditions of the Event may vary from person to person. Eventon is not responsible and does not have the right to determine the conditions for the provision of such services to which the Tickets provide the right.

5.3. If the Organiser has cancelled the Event or otherwise informed that the Event will not take place or that the date, place or other important criteria have changed and the Tickets are suspended, the Buyers must contact the Organiser directly for a refund and / or compensation.

5.4. The Buyer must contact the Organiser directly regarding the non-received Tickets, the Ticket replacement, loss of the Tickets, or invalid Tickets.

5.5. The Eventon, upon receipt of claims related to the Event, forwards them directly to the Organiser.

6. Eventon liability

6.1. Eventon emphasizes that it is not responsible and does not have the right to determine the conditions of the provision of the services to which the Tickets distributed by the Organisers provide the right, it is not responsible for the validity, suspension, renewal, etc. of the Tickets. Eventon does not set the Event prices, the terms and conditions of the Event service, it does not allocate seats, it does not set other service criteria, is not responsible for the quality of the Event services, its content, occurrence, compliance with legal requirements and does not provide any guarantees for such services. The Event services are provided to the Buyers in accordance with the rules set by the Organisers. Information about the services which persons can use after purchasing the Tickets and the conditions of their provision are provided upon contacting the relevant Organiser directly.

6.2. Eventon is not responsible for the damage caused by the Eventon system failures, reliability or loss of information sent or received, delays, disruptions of the e-mail, viruses, restrictions imposed by third parties (including banks, Internet service providers and other third party decisions imposing sanctions restricting the activities of Eventon, the Organiser or the Buyer, etc.) which the Buyers may suffer directly or indirectly through the Eventon system.

6.3. Eventon does not indemnify for damages related to the purchased Tickets or the Events.

7. Other terms and conditions

7.1. Due to technical obstacles or other circumstances, the operation of the Eventon platform and the possibility to purchase the Tickets may be suspended or terminated.

7.2. All copyright in the design and content of the Tickets belongs to Eventon.

7.3. All disputes arising in connection with Eventon must firstly be settled peacefully negotiating with Eventon. In this case, the Buyer must contact Eventon customer service centre:

 7.4. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, if the Buyer is a natural person, he /she has the right to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service of the Republic of Lithuania or the European Consumer Centre.

 7.5. If the dispute cannot be resolved peacefully or by other out-of-court dispute resolution, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania in the competent court of the Republic of Lithuania according to the place of residence of Eventon, except when the Buyer is a natural person (consumer) and he / she choose to solve the dispute according to his / her place of residence.